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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Day 3.

Have done knitting but not socks yet. Knitted hexipuffs in the car and on the bus to and from Local Studies today, think this will be last one in Rowan 4ply pale green. Traffic bit slow, so well on way to finishing.

Also completed quite a large area of a square using wool from Freecycle haul, just pick up the work when maybe on loudspeaker phone or waiting for something to cook.

As far as socks are concerned, have undone knitting so will have to pick up heel flaps again and try to achieve right number of stitches this time. If it doesn't work will go to knitting group for assistance as time is running out. Had hoped to make a cowl before walking weekend, this is some chilly autumn this year.

This is an experimental blog, for once didn't fire up my lap top, instead worked out how to write it on iPad, with Bloggers new style template.

Let me know if it is too bad.......

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