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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Day 12.

Very brief note about my knitting journey, then after I have cleared the ironing marathon, will attempt a chat about the weekend away. With my walking boots I wore the very first pair of socks I knitted, on my return home socks needed a long soak to remove the mud. Worth it, feet and legs were dry and comfortable.

No knitting done until Sunday evening, but then just a few rows of the hexipuff during the advertisements on Downton Abbey.

Then, next knitting was during British Bake off but again, TV took preference; yesterday just knitted one of the  big squares for the throw whilst talking on telephone, so good to have loudspeaker on handset.

Not the muddiest part of the walk, I haven't asked permission to put photos here of other Strollers so that precludes some muddy events. Even though I doubt they are aware of my blog it would be bad mannered of me.

Right, off to iron, then a chatty blog later.

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  1. Weather-wise it looks like a perfect day for a walk, and a wonderful area, too.