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Thursday, 4 October 2012

On the fourth day of thirty one ...

Well earlier in the day I tried a couple of times to post this on my iPad but it just gave me a Google error message so on our return from home group I have opened up the laptop to give you an update. Even here it started to tell me about an error.

The iPad photos I took of my knitting will have to wait for another attempt, can say that it has been a good 24 hours as last evening I realised that I had misread the pattern! Oh doh! As I had the right number of stitches couldn't understand from where the extra ten stitches to be knitted were coming. It wasn't ten to be counted, it was to knit ten to reach the beginning of the round.

Went to knitting group, didn't feel part of it, maybe because I no longer read or post on Ravelry - just use it to record my projects and stash - the conversations were lost to me, I felt like an outsider.

Have worked on a hexipuff at Home Group and worked on the giant squares for the throw at other times. I don't do the socks unless I can ensure I have time to work on both, perhaps tie on luggage labels to identify which round I am on. Should have put a ro-tallies on when I started, too late now.

Home group was interesting, kind of refresher course about worship, better than the York Courses or discussions about hypothetical topics that have no relation to the lives of the group, all of whom, with one exception, are all retired.

Will try to add pictures tomorrow.

Good night.

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