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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Day 11.

Just briefly after yesterday's huge photo, can say that the socks have grown because went to Royal Brompton yet again.

Have come away with a nebuliser, saline solution and slight confusion when I read the cleaning instructions. What with controlled breathing techniques, all the medication and now a nebuliser I shall have to be up early to do all this. Then most of the schedule is repeated again in the evening, I reckon we are talking a little shy of at least one and a half hours each day.

I should be fitting in some form of regular exercise into the day, walking to the High Street to collect the paper really isn't enough, especially as this activity depends on the weather.

Much knitting was done both on the train and the hour's wait for the pharmacy to provide the saline solution. Still have doubts about completing socks to wear at the weekend even though I am taking knitting with me to Home Group in a few moments.


  1. Maybe it is just me, but what huge photo do you mean? Your previous post to this one looks empty to me, maybe you wanted to upload a picture and it didn't get through?
    I hope the breathing exercises, medication etc. will help you to feel better!

  2. Oh dear, on Wednesday uploaded a picture taken with iPad, it filled, indeed overfilled the blog, no room for me to write anything!

    Idea was my attempt to write about knitting for 31 days, but no room then for words.

    Wonder if any one else didn't see the life size view of my knitting on my lap, if so, my apologies.

  3. Hi Pixie Mum - all I can see on yesterday's post is a title. The joys of blogger, eh?

    An hour-and-a-half per day of medical faffing sounds like a pain in the rear. I do hope the benefits outweigh the inconvenience.

  4. Hi Pixiemum,
    Just catching up after a bit of a rest. There is so much to do these days and blogging seems to take a back seat !
    I also was Guide and remember getting enrolled. We had lots of good times .I looked on the Web not long ago for words to some of the camp fire songs we used to sing , Couldn't find many and what I did find were 'modernised ' with not always appropriate language Remember "White coral bells " "Three pirates ""My Harlem Goat " "Eliza Jane ""We are the Red Men "

  5. You have my sympathies with all the medical stuff to do. It is a cruel irony that my body is falling apart at the exact same time as my mind, so taking medication is very difficult!

  6. Just to say that I want to update my blog, tell you all, well nearly all, about the walking weekend, the knitting and life but Blogger won't let me.

    Have tried both methods,where it says New Post and my bookmarked page on the laptop. Have tried on iPad, indeed did so at the weekend but no luck.

    If all else fails will have to sign up to a new blog and hope you lovely people will follow me.