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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sunday Day 7.

Just a brief mention that I knitted a little whilst watching Downton Abbey, progress has been made on the socks in that I  am back to 64 stitches, knitting the foot so creeping towards the toes.

Went to a service to commemorate 75th anniversary of founding of 2nd Whitton St Augustine's Guides. Church was quite full, but only one other girl from my time in the company. Didn't matter, I knew plenty of the younger  guides and leaders. So many changes, from the Promise to Taps. have never forgotten when I was about to be enrolled, another girl asked me if I knew what 'on my honour meant' as it was part of the ceremony, haven't forgotten the answer. My honour means I can be trusted. Maybe haven't kept to that always in the past, but now in my later years can keep that promise.

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