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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Saturday 6th.

As the thirty one days concerns one subject I shall start with knitting, but then just add in an ordinary blog.

So the picture from the other day won't load onto here, have taken another one but Blogger wants me to sign up to loads of other stuff so will finish the blog on iPad, take a picture with ordinary Canon camera, go upstairs and  edit blog on laptop.  Now using laptop and camera so you can see the progress and how different each sock is. The wool is Regia stripe, there's a link to Kaffe Fassett on the ball band.

Unusual Saturday, daughter drove up early from Sussex, she had ticket for Hedda Gabler at Old Vic but before then we went into Kingston as she was concerned that I wasn't wearing right size bras. I had been measured a few years ago in M&S, just bought same size each time replacements were needed, often didn't wear one at all.  What I (and apparently lots of Mothers) don't know is how these garments should fit. So lots of trying on in John Lewis, purchases were made before moving to M&S for more trying on and slightly more inexpensive purchases.

Have to admit, I am feeling a little more comfortable than usual at the end of the day but don't ask me to explain English bra measuring systems, or to remember the overheard snatches of conversations from other changing rooms and from the shop staff. Made what could have been embarrassing a laugh.

Daughter went off to go to London, Ian joined me as a break from study and for lunch. Think I had forgotten how crowded shops are on a Saturday, we are so spoilt being able to do so in the weekday calm that we returned home mid afternoon. Of course had quick look in John Lewis haberdashery to see if any suitable wool for hexipuffing on sale -wasn't - and checked in Tiger but now acrylic only.

Daughter came back here, spent time with us before driving home to her cats. We gained an extra paper as she left her copy of The Times here, good to read the news from another viewpoint.


  1. Oh my God! This is awesome. It’s cute and very impressive. It is a very nice creation. Perfectly done. I like the color of the this sweater. Other color such as plain white would be also appreciated. I think it will be perfect too.

  2. Umm, actually this photo shows a pair of socks I am knitting top down, have just passed the heel and working towards the toes. Have made them together so they are the same length.

    I tend to make smaller items than sweaters nowadays, still learning to make socks, would like to try lace knitting at some point.