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Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Twelfth Night.

On Sunday, Epiphany, the Christmas cards were taken down, we tuck them in with the books in our hallway so they don’t blow away, no fixings are needed with a wall of festive arms. the tree, wreath and lights were safely ensconced in their garage home on Saturday. Before Christmas I meant to write letters to send with cards, or email a newsy letter to friends where we don’t do cards anymore. Letters were never done, we were too busy with preparations for Christmas, DS, DiL and the two grandchildren stayed for 6 days, afterwards it has taken us much time to recover, the last laundry bedding run was completed yesterday. When we had our downstairs cloakroom converted into a shower room, the plumbing changes in our utility room meant there was just not quite enough space for a tumbler dryer. As normally there is just the two of us it doesn’t matter, stuff goes on airers, banisters and hangers in winter and out on the whirly in the better weather.

Meant to post this,  so will update this Tuesday morning, just after breakfast, have to go to the dentist today, a shock to the system as I’ve hardly been out since before Christmas. Had a trip to DS and his family on the South Coast, a Pilates class and that is it. Fortunately I don’t get cabin fever, love our home and would be happy to stay in and complete projects all the time.

This plant was quite tiny when we bought it at church, plants, veggies and produce are sold as a fundraiser, it has grown so tall that I’m reminded of Jack and the Beanstalk, the position in our east facing dining room seems to be just right, in this house it is difficult to find homes for houseplants, windowcills are too cold or other places don’t have enough light. This fits, makes me feel happy, especially now the ghastly cold is going away as the antibiotics have kicked in. 
My aim for today is to finish the double crochet row of the sweet pea blanket and commence work on the proper pattern, just Trust I have the right number of stitches, much discussion about it all on FB and Lucy24’s blog. 


  1. Plants do so much for a room, don't they!
    Glad to hear your cold is on the retreat, and hope all goes well at the dentist's.

  2. Good to see you blogging again, Pixie!