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Friday, 11 January 2019


I’m determined to keep this blog going, if only for a record of the Sweet Pea blanket I’m making for our home, to mark 21 years of living here and in June we celebrate 40 years of marriage. The detail is here , first time I have attempted a CAL, crochet-a-Long, already I’m behind for part 2 was posted this morning. It took time to have the right number of chains for the starting row, I’m learning so much with this.  Who knew that one doesn’t count the stitch on the crochet hook when counting stitches, I didn’t.

So far I have done one row of plum,

I like the openness of the design, it is mainly trebles, with an occasional chain stitch, Lucy the designer calls it trellis stitch based on bamboo supporting sweet peas on her allotment. 

Great sense of achievement here, I prefer this pattern to the wavy Moorland one requested by D-in-Law, the colours are lighter and jollier, work on the Moorland will resume when I’ve finished Sweet Pea, meanwhile I am planning to learn to knit Toe-up socks and to make more little hexipuffs to turn into a cushion cover. Oh, and to finish book club book before Monday. Not exactly enthralled by The Shock of the fall, author is Nathan Filer. 


  1. 21 years in your house and 40 years of marriage -- two achievements well worth a special marker!
    I've not heard of the book you've been reading, did you enjoy it?

  2. Congratulations on both anniversaries! I've never learned to crochet, I've thought I might try it one day.