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Friday, 29 August 2014


Tomorrow I will have that wisdom tooth out, possibly the one next to it too, with a general anaesthetic. Thursday  afternoon bought a letter from the hospital admissions department giving me the date of 24th October, felt so worried I would have another 2 months of discomfort and pain. After many attempts reached Emma in appointments, she was so sympathetic, asked me if I could come in this Saturday as extra clinics are being held then. I agreed, she told me she would send the letter out first class, i asked if it could be emailed as our post rarely arrives till late in the day, and emailed it was. The letter has been retrieved from my junk mail, printed out saving the NHS money for the paper, stamp and time. 

I am packed, a dressing gown, slippers, and as the operation will be anytime from 8.30 am till 12.30 I have my knitting and reading group book. Knitting is the half hexis to fill in the gaps at the edges to ensure the throw has straight sides. 

To distract us from tomorrow (Ian is worrying about this too) we went to view Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid this evening. It was an open air production in the grounds of Whitton's parish church, the film was powered by pedal power, cyclists were as young as seven ensured there were no breaks in transmission. It was all in aid of Bikes for Africa, a charity supported by Action Bikes, a London cycle chain who collect old bikes, both adults and children's models,  ship them to African countries, establish small businesses where the bikes are repaired and parts made. In some places the bicycles are the only form of transport.

Of course like any cinema there were drinks available, beer, wine and soft drinks, hot dogs and pop corn. Am sure I have seen the film before but couldn't remember it, Ian ensured I knew what was happening as I am not good at 'reading' films.  

Anyway, ready for tomorrow, no more food now, only water and last drink by 6am, no food until all the anaesthetic has worn off, no hot drinks. The instructions for before and after are scary. 

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