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Monday, 4 August 2014


These are a few of the candles, each bearing a name of men from Whitton who served in the First World War. As the village war memorial is in the church a 24 hour vigil is being held to remember and to pray for peace and reconciliation. 

Ian and I spent an hour yesterday evening and half an hour this morning trying to do that. My father's eldest brother served and survived the war, only to die whilst on military manoeuvres with the TA on August Bank holiday in 1925. 

This evening our son will be in Westminster Abbey when the lights go out. Our lights will go out at home at 10pm, trust this will be so country wide. 

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  1. All events held in remembrance of WWI and the people who died are especially poignant with so much war going on right now. It makes you want to scream at those involved, haven't you learned anything??!