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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Tooth some

The saga of my crooked wisdom tooth started way back in March, that was when the dentist took the X-Ray, last Thursday a very pleasant consultant looked at at it, commented that I had been troubled by this wayward tooth for some time. There may be loss of the adjoining tooth as the infection had spread, the extent of extraction will be known in two to six weeks. That is how long I have to wait before the treatment, maybe sooner I have opted for being called at short notice. 

Slightly more concerned about the  Post-operative instructions following oral surgery leaflet, especially swelling and bruising afterwards. Quite a few activities booked up for September. For example the tickets for the double header at the Twickenham Stadium have arrived, I do want to be in a fit state for that, there are knitting groups to attend. Details of appointments are sent by post so plenty of warning but we won't be able to fix anything up long term in case of clashes.

Also in September I have signed up for the Yarn in the City: the Greater London Yarn Crawl, in aid of Refuge but fun in that a group of knitters use public transport to visit 4 London yarn shops, knitting on the way if possible. I have chosen shops in North London in areas unfamiliar to me so I can see other parts of my home city. 

 Martha joined us for the weekend, whilst she was here finally finished the socks I started making for her whilst swanning around Sicily.  (Sorry for bad pun). They were taken home a bit damp, when I washed them the colour galloped out, trust that was just the initial wash. 

Next project is to make about 60+ half hexis to straighten the sides of the Beekeeper's Quilt, have made a start and this will be a portable and TV watching project alongside joining up the quilt. Have just three months to complete it, year end is my target. 

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  1. I hope all will go well with your tooth treatment and you won't have to miss out on any of the other activities lined up for September.