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Friday, 15 August 2014

Cotswold threads

My cousins invited us to join them for a few days in their Cotswold holiday cottage, so last Monday we left Pixie Towers at the incredibly early time of 8.50am so we would have plenty of chance to have a Flavour of the Cotswolds tour. This tour was planned by cousins, knowing,my interest in knitting they managed to arrange a tour that included three brilliant yarn shops, also when visiting Cotswold Woollen Weavers I discovered some British alpaca yarn. 

It was fun seeing these shops, one thing I have learnt is that I should carry details of patterns I wish to knit, the quantity and type of yarn required so I can snap up bargains. A non yarn purchase at Wool in Broadway was a KnitPro clicky row,counter, it's pink so I can wear it round my neck. a Ro-tally doesn't work for me with magic loop needles so it has been back to five bar gates and pencils. 

On Tuesday we were taken to Gloucester, Ian and I were impressed with the manner in which the docks area has been enhanced for tourism, a good blend of the old and new. Our itinary included a very quick visit to Miju Wools, a knitting group was there, I would liked to have spent longer looking around this shop and talking to the other knitters but felt it unfair to cousins. The visit to the cathedral was not rushed, I had hoped to return to Miju Wools but we were taken to Newent, a small market town with another gem, The Wool Garden where I purchased buttons made by women in South Africa. Now, what shall I make that requires buttons with cats on them! 

Ian managed to find a couple of second hand books when we went around the antique shops in the various towns, one was a The boy's book of the Navy published in 1953 for Adam, and a maths book Mathematics for the Million published in 1928. We were very restrained, we should be decluttering, well we are decluttering so didn't buy anything else. Of course food from a Thursday farmers market doesn't count, we were fascinated by blueberry salami. Need to cook the beetroot, but have eaten much of the salad as well as bread and broad beans. 

On the drive home we broke the journey at Nuffield Place, the home of the motor manufacturer, William Morris, a National Trust property for the last three years. I rather like the smaller NT houses, there is more a link with ordinary people especially as in the case of Nuffield Place furnishings and items that had been in use when I was growing up were on display. We were unable to go around the garden as the rain had started, it continued for most of the journey home. 

For once I drove both to and from the Cotswolds, Ian has a trapped nerve/sciatica, last Saturday we visited Teddington hospital our excellent, efficient walk in centre and were fortunate to be seen by our own GP who was on duty.  As he knew, and remembered Ian's medical history, it wasn't long before we were collecting drugs including strong painkillers and gel to rub in. GP gave strict instructions that Ian was not to drive until the course of tablets is finished and he is no longer in pain. In one way it was good practice for me, I had let Ian drive more, often so I could knit and it is so easy to get out of practice, especially when driving in unfamiliar districts. 


  1. What a great tour, and how nice of your cousins to plan it so that you could visit some wool/yarn shops!
    Nuffield Place sounds like a very interesting place to visit. Like you, I find the more places where you can get an impression of what more ordinary people lived like fascinating.

  2. I was recently in Gloucester, was impressed by the docks area and visited that wool shop! Since we have moved to just over the border in Monmouthshire I can see us making more visits to the beautiful Cotswolds.

  3. Found your blog via Archers Listeners on Ravelry. There can't be too many blogs about books and knitting IMO! I was wondering where to go for a day out on Saturday - think a visit to Broadway may be in order.

  4. Hi Anne, thanks for visiting my blog world. In an advert in Knit Now, issue 38, Broadway Wool seems to be called Sew U Knit Crafts, shop in advert looks the same. It is at 2 Cotswold Court. Enjoy your day, we are planning to return to the Cotswolds next year.