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Friday, 8 August 2014

Just a blog on books and knitting

The last few blogs haven't mentioned knitting very much, so here a couple of pictures showing progress, or lack of it. Still plenty of tail ends to hide inside the puffs. 

This is the Beekeeper's Quilt, I have sewn about two thirds of the puffs together using mattress stitch whilst trying to show the sewing doesn't show on either side so the quilt can be reversible. According to the instructions one needed 384 puffs but I have made 402, the extra have been whilst travelling or in company. I will need to make half puffs to fill in at the edges and make them straight, I have more than enough Debbie Bliss Rialto 4ply in white to do this. After the random manner in which I have joined the puffs together this will bring a little discipline to the design. 

Completely different are the socks I'm making for Martha, the second one is at the heel, I was meticulous about recording the number of rows and stitches on the first sock so the second has been faster. However, having to watch the notes, record each row has meant the work has been less portable for after each row I marked progress on paper and on the Ro-Tally. Perfection and attention to detail are so important to me, a disadvantage is that I fail often to see the wider picture. 

For some reason I don't appear to mention books very much apart occasionally the reading group book, present one is the Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce. Haven't started it yet, with all the books it is a toss up between knitting, crochet, newspaper and reading plus TV. With TV I can sew hexipuffs together or knit uncomplicated designs. 

The other books to be read or dipped into are A Very British Revolution: 150 years of John Lewis, bought a few months ago. then in the last two weeks a flood, Ian bought me Lucinda Hawksley's The Mystery of Princess Louise, then the 5th edition of iPad in Easy Steps went into my basket in Maplins. Didn't think I would be buying books in an electrical shop but this is a better manual than my old one, for a start it has an index so much easier to use. Last Monday we went to U3A monthly meeting, I picked up a copy of Who do you think they were? A miscellany of lives in South-West London. It is a shared learning project, covering four London boroughs, my main criticisms is that the pen portraits or snapshots were arranged first by borough then an A-Z sequence by person. In my opinion the division by borough was not needed. 

Finally a charity bookshop yielded Debbie Stoller's Happy Hooker: the Stitch'n'Bitch crochet, bought to match her knitting book. Silly me, I forgot the stitch names in the US are different from those in this country. The book reminds readers of this but I think I will be using other crochet books when pattern searching, can't have too many books. The other charity shop buy was In the Summer Time by Judy Astley, a local author, sometimes local places are mentioned in her lightweight reads. 

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  1. You are so good at doing all those craft things! I wish I had the patience.
    Very interesting collection of books, so varied, I like that!