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Monday, 1 September 2014

It's over

Just to say that everything went well on Saturday, two teeth removed. only a couple of gripes about the process, I was one of the last of the morning session to be taken to surgery, fair enough as it wasn't complicated, I don't have diabetes so no problem about fasting but I would like to have known that it would be nearly five hours wait, seven hours since I had a drink of water. Other gripe - the ward was a bit chilly, it was the air conditioning so glad I had a warm dressing gown to wear over the nearly backless hospital gown. 

However, great praise to all the staff, they were pleasant, helpful, cheerful, I was able to read some of my book until distracted by my surroundings so knitted four half hexipuffs instead. So glad I had knitting with me. Home accompanied with Amoxyllin and strong painkillers, haven't needed too many of the latter but taking antiBs as prescribed. 

Lovely surprise as I opened the car door, Ian had planted the recently cleared bed with pansies, one of my favourite smiley plants although not his. 

Not only alongside the driveway but also around the rosemary and other pots at the back, and in other beds. Not only have pansies been planted but many other colourful plants so the whole look of the garden has changed with the colourful perennials.  

Needless to say I have been well cared for by Ian, delicious meals prepared so I felt well enough to go with him today for his appointment with his tinnitus consultant. Great boost as he is coping so much better than expected, learning to live with the condition, the conversation became more of a relaxed social chat, ending up with me showing her my completed knitting on my iPad. Such good care from NHS, Ian can email or phone to talk over any problems between now and the next  six months before the next review. 

This afternoon I have cried off attending U3A monthly talk, felt tired again but have sent Ian, why should he lose out. After writing this I will tackle Mount Ironmore, it is Monday, washing day in the old days, so we can go out to play later in the week. 

More examples of colour in the back. 


  1. Well done you. I'm glad it is over and done with, except of course for the inevitable tenderness for a while. Teeth are a b nuisance aren't they?
    Your pansies look lovely.

  2. It must be such a relief that the dental surgery is over, and your husband coping so much better with his condition than expected! And how sweet of him to have planted the pansies there for you to see when you got out of the car!