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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Never stop learning

As I may have mentioned here I have been creating a Beekeeper's Quilt, made from over 400 squishy hexagons, these have been my constant travelling companions. Now that the end is nigh I will need a new yarn based creation to take in the car, on buses, trains and planes. 

After making the stripy cushion cover I had plenty of Rowan big yarn left, all odds and ends, needing to be used but not to make the same again. Not all the Rowan big yarn was left over, I have been acquiring all shades of blues and creams to male a throw or bed cover for our king size bed. 

The need was to practice before hand, yes, I know that isn't very English and it spoils the game but I am a perfectionist. As I thought I had plenty of yarn I decided to make granny squares to join together for a cushion cover for one of the pads purchased at Cotswold Woollen Weavers during our holiday.  It is many years since I learnt to make these squares, before it was in fine cotton with a tiny hook when my Mother and I went to evening crochet classes in the days when local authorities held classes for craft, I had learnt to dressmake this way too. 

Most of the instructions seemed to assume hat a change of colour was needed in every round, I had a big read up both online and in my library, then late at night when I couldn't sleep I remembered this booklet, hidden away in a bag with fine crochet thread from the time when we made doilies and duchess sets. 

It was purchased at Craftsmith, part of W. H Smith that didn't last long, this 6th edition cost 15p. No colour, no photographs, just line drawings and text but the problem of using the same colour for one round was solved. 

So, I spent yesterday making a square, unravelling many squares but finally satisfaction was achieved:-

This is pictured on my lovely pink Moomin tray, a recent birthday gift from Martha, ideal size to put bits and pieces on whilst I am joining up hexipuffs, means I don't mislay sewing needle, scissors, mobile phone when I am knitting/sewing/crocheting outside or inside. There was much consultation with my design consultant aka Ian as to whether I keep working this square until it is cushion size or whether I make lots of squares to be joined together. 

Decision has been made, make lots of individual squares, this will fulfil the portability criteria, also I will then need to learn how to join the squares together. More searching of Internet, books and UTube when the cover is ready to be assembled. The cushion is a fat 18" x 18" so plenty of squares to hook. 

Meanwhile, off to climb Mount Ironmore, left it yesterday whilst planning this new project. Edited to say that the ironing was left again, the sunshine won and I sat in the garden joining the hexipuffs and soaking up Vitamin D. 


  1. The decision for individual squares was certainly the right one! My Mum once made a bedspread for my sister like that, and for me, a similar version but as a wall hanging next to my bed.

  2. Well done! Many years ago, I spent many an hour developing some crocheting skills and had moderate success with my projects. However, marriage and children soon put a stop to those endeavours and it is only recently that I have taken it up again -- like you looking for instruction booklets of old as well as on the Internet! I can't knit to save my life, but enjoy the experience of the crochet hook and some yarn!

  3. It isn't very long since I learned to crochet granny squares. It felt like learning a new language and I was chuffed when I managed it.