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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Autumn term

Most years it seems to me that the weather improves just as the academic year starts, maybe I am more aware of this, my birthday is at the beginning of September and it is rare that the sun doesn't shine.

It was so this year, warm too as we walked to the Twickenham Stadium for the London double header, first match was Saracens against Wasps. Secondly, London Irish against our local team Harlequins, who won their match but it wasn't a very exciting game, we left about 20 minutes before the end to go home and change before going out for a meal.

 Oh, haven't said who 'we' means in this context, as well as Ian and I, Martha and J. her boyfriend who drove up on Friday night, stayed till Sunday morning. Now I don't want to get into a rut in my life but it to be fun, to try different experiences, learn new skills so I booked Martha and I into one of the local nail bars to have a manicure and paint. The last time I had my finger nails painted in a salon was on my wedding day, over 35 years ago. So delighted with my new elegant look that I plan to have my nails done more often, perhaps in a more zany colour another time. Anyway, this is a view of the nails, taken from Ian's cropped selfie, his shirt is in the background. 

Just took this picture using the iPad camera, seems to show the orangy colour well, couldn't work out how to include the thumb. :) 

  Martha had arrived with this beautiful scented bouquet for me, pity iPad cannot convey a sense of smell. Well for flowers anyway.

Showed the flowers, they are so photogenic, had other lovely gifts from family and friends details of which I don't wish to post here. 

Celebrations extended to yesterday when Adam and Juliet came over with gifts and birthday cake, also we admired their new car, I liked the bright scarlet red colour. There was discussion a few weeks ago about how dull car colours are, grey, silver and black predominate, it is rare to see new colourful vehicles, no British racing green nowadays. As both of our cars were preloved we had no choice in the colour so have ended up with grey and silver like most of the others in the car park and our road. 

If my comment about car colour seems girly it is the least important factor in a car for me, reliability and safety must be priority, she says with memories of a Californian Blue Hillman Super (?) Imp breaking down frequently on rainy Friday nights at Hatton Cross Roundabout. The AA man used to say, oh no, not you again! 


  1. What fun! I don't like my hands at all, and so as not to draw attention to them I never paint my nails (or have them painted), but yours look very good, and it can add just that special touch to an outfit if you wear a matching shade of nail polish.
    Cake, flowers, gifts and friends - what more can you wish for on your birthday! Agree about the weather, it has improved here, too, as soon as August was gone and September started.

    A belated Happy Birthday to you!

  2. I always seem to end up with a red car, whether we buy new or pre loved. And as we keep our cars for years that means we are stuck withe the colours for ages too. I was quite relieved a couple of years ago to buy a silver blue one but OH has designs to change it for something in scarlet that he has spotted in a local second hand dealer. It will go well with the 12yo red Alfa that is the other car on our drive. Sigh. Glad you had a good birthday and yarn crawl!