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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Kew Gardens and special yarn bombing.

Ian had one of those days where we are tourists in our own town.  Well that is the idea, sometimes our plans work, sometimes we end up doing something else. 

We decided to go by boat to Westminster from Richmond, however the boat from Richmond leaves mid afternoon so little time to be in London. As we were wondering what to do instead a boatman shouted they were about to leave for a 45 minute round trip to Teddington Lock so we jumped abroad right to the front. One other couple were seated at the front, we sat the other side and enjoyed familiar landscape from the river. the other couple left at Teddington, giving no indication they had enjoyed the trip at all, both looked very grim. 

On the return trip the boatman and his wife chatted with us so didn't take more pictures. 

After lunch in Richmond we went by 65 bus to Kew Gardens, just beyond the Palm House we spotted trees draped in colourful and beautifully worked knitting and crochet. I'll let the photos speak ....


  1. A boat trip can be so soothing, a good occasion to lean back and let the world (landscape) go by... such a shame the other couple on the boat with you didn't manage to enjoy themselves!
    The knitting on the first tree, the part with the many different small squares: I had a wall-hanging exactly like that on the wall next to my bed when I was little, my Mum made it for me in the 1970s. I don't know what became of it; when I was a teenager, I changed the look of my bedroom, and I've not seen the wall hanging again.

  2. I love days like these... when you find unexpected treasures in familiar places x

  3. What a gorgeous yarn bomb! Being a tourist at home is a lovely way to spend a day.