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Sunday, 2 March 2014

A few days ago

A few days ago I said I'd tell you about the other exhibition I attended, not an Exhibitor but a visitor, thanks to  who had a competition on both the website and FB page. I was a bit puzzled as I enter quite a few competitions on here.

Went off to Farnham with a list, came away with all I wanted which was crochet hooks, blocking wires and buttons for the cushion cover I am crocheting. I wanted to come away from cold metal hooks so bought these. Love the pink cover and colour coded handles.

No pictures of red buttons or blocking pins, but tube included t-pins and a tape measure so will be washing one of the shawls I knitted earlier and practice on that.

I found the show interesting, would like to have met up with peeps who post in Ravelry, especially in British Banter but of course have no idea of their real names, what they look like and where, if anywhere,  they were gathering in the warren of rooms that is the Maltings. Maybe next time I will order a Ravelry badge, it may not guarantee an introduction. Near the end of my visit I met up with Sally of , it was good to discuss the merits of different lace needles, couldn't believe how fine some were.

One of my observations at both the WDYTYA? show, at Unravel and generally when out and about where ladies gather together is how popular scarves are nowadays. As one who has about 50 scarves, including a couple of cowls, I note some  designs and shapes are not as fashionable as others. I tend to wear them for warmth, to brighten up a plain top or to hide my neck so I was most delighted last Friday when Ian presented me with a scarf he'd spotted in a shop in Kingston.

The design and colours are so right, love the yarn and needles design, also it's snuggly warm.

Now to make progress with Reading Group book, I have loaded Wilkie Collins "Woman in White" onto the Kindle App on my iPad so it's more portable. Usual decision, craft versus reading, may see if I can download an unabridged audio book so can multitask.


  1. Can't blame you for having bought the pink cover with the colour-coded crochet hooks - I'd have wanted it, too, in spite of me not crocheting at all these days :-)
    As for scarves, I wear them only for warmth. Maybe once or twice a year I add a thin scarf to an outfit just to complete the look, but usually I am just happy when it is warm enough to go without one.

  2. It was lovely to see you at Unravel and thanks for my blog plug. I will be posting about my visits to Unravel later this week.