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Tuesday, 25 February 2014


For the third time I was asked if I would help as a volunteer on the local authority stand at Olympia for the Who Do You Think You Are Show? Live. Bit concerned, there were two of us scheduled for the day, the young heritage/ local studies/ archivist and yours truly, for whom the opening at 9.30 meant an early start. Some of you will know I don't cope well with early mornings, but yes this time, with much help from Ian and South West trains to Clapham Junction and London Overground to Olympia I was on time.

The show is for genealogists for whom we have much information, but some people are interested in the buildings in the borough too, for example one enquirer wanted to see a picture of the building in which he was born. We don't answer complicated questions, these are dealt with back at base, we can do searches using the laptop so the collections of borough plans and street photographs can be admired.

It is quite enjoyable chatting to visitors, many are local but there is confusion always between us and Richmond in Yorkshire, plus it is not always recognised that the borough spans both sides of the Thames so our history covers both Middlesex and Surrey in our pre-London days. Little interesting snippets from visitors, like one lady was born in the road I lived in from age of eleven.

I forgot my camera, a kind exhibitor used my phone to take a picture of the stand for the record, so you can view the scene.

I have come late to using my phone for photos, I like to take my 'proper' camera, but forgot it. Not sure which gadget has the higher number of pixels but for recording events like this either will suffice.

Although it was a long day, left at 5.30 I was pleasantly surprised I wasn't as exhausted as expected so all ready for Saturday's exhibition, of which more anon.


  1. That sounds like a fascinating and worthwhile day. Well done.

  2. The two of you look so friendly at your stand, no wonder people liked to stop for a chat! I am glad you had a good day and weren't completely shattered afterwards.

  3. Sounds a good day's work! I have never been to the WDYTYA Show. I really should go some time.