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Friday, 21 March 2014

Crochet cushion

So excited, have this evening completed the crochet cushion I started at the end of January, used Rowan Big Wool, for each row of half trebles I changed colour so it is is a coat of many colours for the cushion pad we had. The photos don't do justice to the colours, to see them one would have to look at a shade card of Big Wool but each colour changes according to the one adjacent to it.

The last photo is more accurate as to regard the colour of the Lloyd Loom chair but the cushion is the star this evening rather than the chair.

Still working on my hexipuffs, they are more portable, have completed 360, so just 24 to go before I begin to join them up.


  1. How lovely and that's a very do-able size for a crochet project.

  2. It so brightens up an entire room, this beautiful colourful cushion cover!