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Monday, 17 March 2014

Monday morning

Quick update first on the tooth problem, this morning I completed the amoxicillin course, I have been very conscientious about tooth cleaning and gargling but the pain has not gone away. Even strong paracetamol and lots of caffeine have failed.  However, I will be patient and give it time, the penicillin has helped to clear my sinuses so good has come from the medication.

Also, this morning, about 8am I ordered Spiriva capsules (medication for my lungs), online to Doctors' surgery with indication that medicine would be collected from the local chemist. Ian was in the chemist about 11am to collect his ordered on Saturday and was given mine as well. This is so much more efficient than taking or posting the form to the surgery, waiting two days for it to be signed and checked, collecting it and waiting at the chemist.

Even more exciting, Ian phoned to see if I  have a book called Wool 'n Magic as he had strayed into the Oxfam shop, I didn't, he kindly bought this lovely book as well as a zipped cover for this iPad. As more places have wifi my iPad is coming out and about with me.

The book uses embroidery, knitting and crochet to make wall hangings, pictures, cushions varying texture, fabric and colour. I loved the black and white drawings of the different breeds of sheep in the chapter labelled Wool 'n fleece. Such fun!


  1. Toothache is miserable, I hope you're better soon. Glad the rest of the news is all good. Isn't Ian lovely? How thoughtful, to spot the book and cover.

  2. Sorry to hear your tootache is still there. I hope it will pass soon. How nice of Ian to have brought the book for you!

  3. Sorry your tooth is still bothering you so much. I do hope it improves soon. I recognise the book from my days at the library and am sure you'll enjoy it.