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Monday, 3 March 2014

Morning TV

Just a very brief and silly observation.  This morning whilst having breakfast I became bored with BBC and ITV breakfast offerings so wandered down the channels and ended up watching my first ever Peppa Pig programme.

Far more interesting, the characters were playing percussion instruments and performing in a band, thought the clear speech of Peppa Pig was right for young children. Perhaps I should be looking out for Playschool and deciding which window to look through today.

Instead, laundry, ironing and the dentist beckon, dreading the last as have mouth ulcers which won't go away.


  1. I like Peppa Pig,, as does my grandson. If you ever get the chance,, watch RaaRaa, the very noisy lion. I knitted him for my grandson.

  2. I have a fondness for Peppa Pig too and some of the other CBeebies offerings. There are others I simply loathe, notably the Tweenies!