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Monday, 19 November 2012

Kitten news update

Great news. Kittens have been named and are in their new abode with senior cats to guide them in the way of their new staff.

Ian and I had a phone call yesterday at 9am, we know the lady and her family so we were delighted to hear she wanted the kittens. Instant decision was made for us to drive to the coast to deliver a chair we had for Martha and to transport kittens and their luggage back here. Trip had to wait till after lunch as Ian was booked in for a Eucharistic home visit, too late to pull out, but if we had been able to go in the morning we wouldn't have had a problem with the sunlight whilst driving.

One of the roundabouts on the route was called Clark's Green Roundabout, I pondered whether Clark has any other roundabouts and if so, what colour are they.

To the kittens, they were so good in the car, no squeaks or mewing, they'd never been in the carrier before, never left the flat but looked quite calm in the carrier when we delivered them. Their new owner named them, the white and tabby is Mary and the all tabby is Martha. So appropriate for sisters, however I don't think there is a Lazarus in the menagerie. Another bonus, their new owner is a friend of the family who have Molly and Tabs, the parents of M & M.

As it's lunch time will blog another time about the sock knitting, also have a doctor's appointment about painful shoulder, I haven't recovered from what I thought was Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, time and paracetamol haven't worked in the five weeks since the walking weekend. Ian had to take over driving yesterday, it was so painful holding arm on steering wheel. Haven't been driving little car recently, it doesn't have power steering.


  1. So pleased to hear the kittens have been kept together ... Mary and Martha are perfection names. Good luck with the shoulder ... I can sympathize -- have been having a terrible time with my right knee and keep hoping it will just get better.

  2. I sympathize with painful shoulder,,, awaiting injection. Good to hear the kittykats have a new home!

  3. My young German guest asked what the English was for muscular pain after exercise - I hesitated, then said "stiff?" The German translates as muscular hangover, apparently!

  4. Sorry to hear about the pain in your shoulder, I hope the doctor will help.
    Great news about the kittens! And your remark about Clark's Green Roundabout made me laugh :-)