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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Completed cushion on day 19.

This will be about knitting as I have finished the first item that I made from the yarn  I acquired about a year ago through Freecycle. It was very chunky, I have made 16 squares, all garter stitch, some mitred, some started with one stitch then increasing and decreasing again. Now the first 8 squares are a cushion cover, the pad of which is 43x43cms and adorned with five lovely buttons.

The buttons were part of a parcel of goodies I received from a blogger who posts on Ravelry too. Last year she had a competition to celebrate a blog anniversary, anyone who commented on her blog in March 2011 had a chance of winning. I commented once about the London Marathon, in which my daughter and her son were running, not having seen anything about the competition and won thanks to a random number generator.

The lovely buttons are on the right of the photo. If you want to see the blog of the kind person who sent me what has turned out to be perfect buttons it is here:-  There is some beautiful knitting there, I am so inspired by her work.

Time to join Ian, he has stopped studying - or doing his sums as we say - so will go, maybe even sit on the new cushion.


  1. Your cushion looks lovely, Madeleine. I really must try knitting a cushion cover as I have so much spare yarn which would do well for it. You have inspired me. :-)

  2. The cushion is very pretty with the sweet buttons!