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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Day 17

As you know I decided that 31 days of knitting was not going to be consecutive days, if it had been so I would have failed. As my son says, failure is not an option so I changed my specification.

Knitting hasn't been a priority, we are considering extending our downstairs cloakroom to include a shower, this project will involve filling in the gap between the back of the integral garage and the utility room. The designer emailed the drawings today; two builders know of our proposals so the talk has been of heated towel rails and whether the shower screen should have obscure glass. The three waterbutts occupying the space will need to be rehomed, the pedestrian door to the garage relocated and slightly recessed.

As to knitting, more hexipuffs have been made, the cushion cover squares have been washed, blocked and are ready to sew up.

Not very clear picture, sorry folks, taken with my iPhone, emailed it to myself as am compiling this blog on my laptop then somewhere lost it for it didn't appear in the photo gallery. The knitted squares are on the cushion pad secured with one pin, the ones for the back are beyond and it all needs joining up. Quite pleased with the rustic look, all from yarn obtained from Freecycle, hence washing it as not sure of its provenance. Once the cover is complete I will need a better picture for my Ravelry project picture. Haven't even put it on as a wip.

Have enough square to make a second cover, need to pop into John Lewis to buy another cushion pad, originally was going to make the squares into a throw but have changed my mind. Also there's plenty more yarn, will knit some finer wool using double moss stitch for another cushion cover.

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  1. That looks beautiful!

    I'm trying to pick up knitting again as I enjoyed it when I was young.

    Sft x