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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Fluffy kittens

This is more of an advertisement than a blog, as one never knows who is reading this so it may worth a try to find a home for Martha's unnamed kittens. They were going to a family in West London and at the last minute the Dad has decided he doesn't want them, children very upset of course.

The kittens are 12 or 13 weeks old twin sisters, one is tabby and white, one is tabby, very sociable, good tempered and house trained. They are free to a good home, they have not been outside as their home has been a first floor flat till now.

Martha lives on the South Coast, we are in SW London so kittens can be delivered within reasonable distance of these locations, also she would be willing to take them to Dorset as she has friends and family in that county. Moggies will come with toys, travel box, dirt box, unused automatic feeder.

These pictures were taken early September, there is a more up to date one below.