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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Disappointed on day 21.

Some years ago I was sitting in Book Data's office car park listening to the car radio when the news came through that women could be ordained priests, felt so pleased that the man made church had moved at last to include the other half of humanity. Today, knowing the talents, compassion, complementary ministry and understanding that women have bought to the priesthood I just cannot understand why the laity have rejected the measure to ordain women Bishops. I would have understood the clergy rejecting women Bishops, there may be clergy who are scared of the competence, efficiency and popularity of women priests but for laity, and especially other women, not to give everyone an equal opportunity to serve the church - well I despair.

Just had a thought, the Head of the Church of England is the Queen, no one has ever said female Monarchs cannot be Head of the Church, so why so much discrimination within the church. Works both ways, surprise has been expressed that Ian is one of the church cleaners, he has helped with flowers arranging in the past too. It is barely 30 years since our church choir became mixed. We used to see and be recognised by the previous Bishop of our diocese in the local supermarket.

Back to other matters, saw a GP yesterday concerning my right shoulder, x-rays and physiotherapy are being organised. Such pleasantness and efficiency at our surgery. One thing I've learnt from this, I am not as left handed as I thought, have had to consciously use my left hand rather than it being instinctive. May explain why offspring are right handed in spite of left handed parents.

Ian met the kittens' new owner this morning, apparently they have taken up residence on her bed, also they were quite baffled by stairs.

Now day 21. Am undoing the instep shaping where I have gone wrong, it appears just on one side but I'm a perfectionist. Also whilst waiting for the laptop to fire up I have been weaving in ends of the cushion cover squares prior to sewing up a second cushion cover. Martha kindly picked up cushion pads in IKEA and brought them here. Need to plan design for next cover, but sock completion is first.


  1. I'm so disappointed too, Madeleine. I'm in Wales, where the same measure failed in the house of clergy but was passed overwhelmingly by the laity and bishops. In England it's the laity who barely passed the legislation for women priest and have rejected that for women bishops. I too just don't understand it. Sigh....

  2. The evangelical / protestant church I feel closest to here in Germany have had female bishops for years, but that does not mean there is no discrimination against women or anyone from a different country. Sadly, it seems prejudice is something so deeply ingrained in humanity that we are not completely getting rid of it anytime soon.

    How unusual about your lefthandedness! Anyway, I am glad you are in good hands at the surgery, and hope the x-rays and other examinations will bring a result.

  3. Obviously the laity needs educating ... Very disappointing result. Anyone advise how the laity is appointed to the Synod?

  4. I share your disappointment, even though our last rector, a woman, was something of a disaster, not being competent, efficient nor popular. I interview a lot of teachers for jobs and my experience is that their gender is the least relevant issue to their fitness for the post: I disregard it. The message this decision gives - that there was a clear majority in favour, just not the margin required won't get through to most people - is that the Church is out of touch and irrelevant to most people's lives. It's very damaging.