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Monday, 30 May 2011

Socks finished

So excited. Today I finished the second sock of the first pair I have ever knitted. It wasn't until late afternoon that I was able to sit quiet and still on the temporary sofa and carefully work the Kitchener stitch. Left it last night as I felt it best done in daylight and without rushing.

Now the big decision is what to knit next. I have a ball of Super Soxx yarn in varying shades of pink and could knit the same pattern again. Not ready yet for lacy or cable socks, especially as they would be lost in the variegation of the yarn.

Then I have yarn to make a cushion cover, will I finish it before the sofas arrive? Did I tell you the date has slipped again?

Good news we have had some rain this afternoon, so pleased I watered the seedlings and vegetables this morning so they benefited from the rain. Our water butts have been running low too, only two of the five have water in them.

An effort to picture the socks in situ, perhaps leg make up is needed.

That's all folks from one happy bunny,  it doesn't take much to please me.


  1. Well done - and then you took the photo on your iPad and published it straight away!

  2. No, sorry ordinary camera and cable injection with lap top. still learning to use iPad. Haven't tried camera on here yet.

  3. I love your socks! Cute idea to take a pic of them on your feet too, they look very pretty and very comfy.