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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Welsh adventure

This posting is an adventure as I am learning to post a blog from my new iPad, not from home either from our sparky new wifi but from my cousin's lovely Tardis cottage in North Wales.

Won't be able to post pictures as have not taken them with my IPad and not sure how to download from camera to iPad. Will have to read the instruction book.

As it is late, I have done plenty of long walks and slept in very late this morning will not post more, just to say I started knitting next pair of socks on the train from London.

Tomorrow will going to my first Quaker meeting, it has been a good holiday so far, although I miss dear Ian.


  1. Last resort, reading the instruction book, surely!

  2. Glad to see / hear you enjoyimg your iPad. I meant to comment when you got it, but life whizzed past. I hope you will post about the Quaker meeting. I have a good friend who is a Quaker, but have never been to one myself.

  3. Hello:
    Oh, modern technology. No sooner has one mastered one thing then two more present themselves!

    That aside, we do hope that you are having an enjoyable break in Wales.

  4. Hi there,
    Socks look good ! How do you like the ipad ? Have rather fancied one but trying to justify getting one ! Do I really need one ???? I already have a Mac and a PC. It would only be a toy! Be nice though !!!!