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Monday, 27 June 2011

Monday, Monday

MONDAY, 27 June2011

Simple Woman's Daybook: 27 June 2011

Outside my window ... sunshine, humidity, slight breeze
I am thinking ... about all the things to do, sync my laptop and i-Pad, repair hem on trousers, email friends and think about meals.

From the learning rooms ...  does knitting count? I've learnt a new skill. Ian working hard with maths and learning to use his calculator, more like a mini computer.

I am thankful ... that everything went well for Martha at Glastonbury. She woke us as she arrived home at 7am this morning. It was her intention to be back earlier, she planned to leave after the last act yesterday but her passengers flaffed around and were not co-operative, eventually they left at 2am. Meant a nap on the way, now she's asleep after a proper shower. Not too muddy though, she had enjoyed it, met and made friends and never wants to use a wet wipe again.

From the kitchen ... in the fridge there are chocolate brownies made by Ian.

I am wearing ... re/orange/pink East dress. Very faded Indian cotton but cool and loose.

I am creating ... socks, have turned the heel on the first one, now decreasing before working towards the toes. So much faster than before, and it has helped to have copy of Ann Budd's book Knitting Socks in the Getting started series. Basic maybe, but think I will buy my own copy as there is a limit to how many times one can renew library books.

I am reading ...  Tomorrow - who knows by Alma Moore, widow of Ray Moore the broadcaster. Bought this in second hand bookshop in Wales. Also dipped into Something understood by Gerald Priestland. We had been searching through Martha's uni books and I found the book in there, not hers anyway. 
Now, why were we going though daughter's theology books? Someone at church is training to be a Reader and asked if Martha had any books on the Creed. She did.

I am hoping ... the books will help.

I am hearing ... building noises. The house next door but one is having the garage converted into a studio/study and a downstairs shower room behind so lots of noise there. Then on Saturday builders turned up next door to start extending. It was by chance we discovered the neighbours had resurrected their planning application. At the moment trees are being cut down, such a shame. They are extending at the back along the party line so we will have to lose one of our trees too.
This is the tree that will go so I will have ivy growing up the new wall, maybe clematis too. Hate trees being chopped down, but we have little choice as it is really in neighbour's way.

View sideways on. The wall on the left is being extended by 3 metres, my concern that the materials used will not match original which is pebble dash. It has never been redone, unlike rest of neighbour's property "well we cannot see it" said Mrs. S. Will look odd if we have facing brick for extension however much we cover it with plants and trellis.
A picture thought I am sharing ... 

I like the way the yarn makes a Fair Isle pattern and stripes. I find using a piece of contrast yarn attached to needle with a clove hitch is better than the fancy stitch markers. When needed, the old fashioned Ro-tally also marks the beginning of the round. Some times the old ways are best.
Hope all is well with my readers, drop by here, Facebook or in Ravelry. I'm off to keep Vitamin D levels up before the rains descend this afternoon.


  1. Knitting certainly counts as learning !

  2. Pleased your daughter didn't get too muddy at Glastonbury - imagine the washing, and we both know who would have to do it!

  3. You can't beat a bit of lurking babe...;-)

    I've never heard of anyone 'creating' socks before...I look forward to you making, at least, the semi's of BGT!!!...;-)

    ta for't visit to DILLIGAF II

    4D x

  4. Princess is part way through a sock - one started over 3 years ago... She's left it as too hard and is onto other things.

    We're in London too - but love the hard water. Wookie figures his mug is most of a pot so it's not worth digging it out except for visitors who use smaller mugs. Oh and Princess will use full fat milk in tea rather than semi if there is any :)