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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

100 posts later

Well I have spent much of this afternoon attempting to learn how to transfer photos taken with my iPad onto this blog. So, have decided to chat away and then, using my laptop, will add some pictures. That means there may be not be a picture of the broken Knit Pro needles with the second pink sock on them. Second time these needles have broken, Ian attempted to repair the first ones but they are so fine, 2.5mm so repairs didn't quite work.

These are the needles that broke,I was pulling the yarn very tight so there is no ladder where I switch from one needle to the other. Having looked at Ravelry I gather this is a common problem with this size needle.

Dear daughter couldn't work out either how to use the pictures I have taken with my iPod, she set up Flikr and Tumblr for me. No success there either. Am giving up as if daughter with IT background cannot fathom this, no one can.

Have switched to my trusty old lap top now so you will have some pictures, but firstly I cannot resist posting this about Anchorage Public library.

Readers have been asked to knit or crochet hats to put on the busts and statues of authors to celebrate 25 years of Loussac library. The hats will go to charity afterwards, what a lovely idea.

Whilst we were away I was thinking about the whole business of packing up and going away even for just a few days. Sometimes is it worth it? Finding and deciding which cases to use; what to take and what to wear; domestic planning involving food whereby one runs down fresh stores but leaves enough for a meal on return. Then there is house security, especially with all the building work going on around us.

In the past we have frequently forgotten important items, when we went annually to Solihull the visit to John Lewis was not only because we liked that branch of the store but because we'd omitted to pack something. This time we forgot to pick up the vouchers for our prepaid newspaper so frantic texting to daughter asking her to use them so we could catch up on our return. We do have the paper downloaded onto iPad but the articles are selective, especially at weekends.

This time nothing else as such was left out but I didn't feel Ian had chosen the right shirts for a party, they were well enough, not garish, not old or the wrong colours but just not right. Think office wear, safe and boring. So a trip to the shops, fortunately Austin Reed had a sale so we came away with two shirts, one long sleeved and one short, a jumper and two pairs of colourful socks. Beautifully made shirts, I like the short sleeved one, firm fabric with good facings too. Haven't a picture of himself wearing it but will try.

Another factor about going away by car is that we always leave far later than we intended. This time we were  away on the Friday, I would have preferred to pack the preceding evening but was advised it would be better in the morning. It wasn't, even if we had a more up to date weather forecast. No discipline of a check in meant an unpleasant journey down M3, heavy traffic and gusty winds.

It was worth it this time, the party was very good and so was the hotel so we ate and slept well, met up with other relations on our way home but once home there was unpacking and laundry piling up. No other trips away are planned, happy about that, I love our home and we are so near the tourist hot spots.

Just in case you were wondering, we stayed in room 9 at Wood Lodge Hotel in Bournemouth.  Recommended.

Not a usual blog, just my thoughts on stuff in July, realise that we are all so different. Seem to have stopped taking pictures, must do so even if it is just our view of the building works next door. this was the view on 12th July.


  1. Hello:
    We do agree that there is always much to think about when going away and, sometimes, as you say, there is always the thought that it is rather a lot of trouble which may not be worth it.

    We are fortunate with our home in Hungary for Tímea, our housekeeper, takes care of everything and is, of course, always there to see us off and to greet us on our return. To such an extent, and here we are so lucky, that we do not even take a house key away with us.

  2. Lovely socks and shame about the needles breaking, Pixie Mum. I don't know Knit Pro, but instead swear by Addi Turbo circulars for my sock-knitting. I can pull as hard as I like, even on 2.5mm needles and never a risk of breaking. DD introduced me to them and I'm gradually replacing my stock as I can afford it :-)

    Glad you enjoyed your trip.

  3. I think I can help with the iPad - if you write the post as an email you can upload the photos from that. Go to settings, then email and mobile, down to posting options, enable 'publish emails immediately', and then you should be able to add photos when you write the post.

  4. The way I upload photos is through Dropbox, which gives you free online storage, and has iPad / iPhone / iPod apps. first you go to and sign up for an account (you get 2GB of storage free). Take the pictures, go into your dropbox app and upload them (there is a + button) and it allows you to upload as many pics at a time as you want. Once you have done that you can access the pictures from any computer or your iPad. Again, go into Dropbox, find your photos and save them, then add them to your post. I use Blogpress for writing posts on the iPad, which makes adding pictures very easy. Also, when you are using your main computer Dropbox shows up as an extra folder in your Documents - very useful for saving files you may later want to use on another computer, or for saving backup copies.

    Thank you for your nice comments on my blog about my job. I'm afraid I have been very remiss about replying and blog visiting as I am trying to adjust to new routines and time keeps running away with me, i was incredibly lucky that something like this came up fairly locally, and so far I am loving it!