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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Give us our daily bread.

Never quite sure what to say here, think I will return to the template of Simple Woman's daybook although maybe not using all the categories. Whilst writing this blog I am making a couple of loaves so if all goes well you may see the final result.

Outside my window ... from the front of the house whether we look to the left or to the right we can see building materials. The house next door is being extended; next door but one the other way the property is being altered, rewired and replumbed. Skips are us.
I am thinking ... about Norway. How could this have been avoided? Probably couldn't but just hope somehow some good will come of this. What a way to learn about this tiny nation with a total population less than half that of London.
From the learning rooms ... Ian has sent his third TMA (Tutor marked assignment) to be marked. Quite a relief, I understand question 5 gave him, and other students, some difficulty.
From the kitchen ... bread is in tins, proving for the second time. Will be scampering downstairs to light the gas oven soon. Recipe for a Half and Half loaf is from Taste of Health, a BBC cookery book from 1985. Update: the loaves are baked, didn't stick when I removed them from the tins. That is always my fear in spite of oiling the tins well.

I am wearing ... M & S cream trousers, sort of chino style with a Boden black and cream striped top.
I am creating ... socks, on second pink one, nearly at the heel.
Also working on cardigan but that needs total concentration. Earlier in the week sat in the garden and made much progress but cannot follow complicated pattern if anyone else around.
I am reading ... waiting for reading group book, it will be The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks. From what I have gleaned on line it looks good.
I am hearing ... fridge humming. How exciting is my life?
One of my favourite things ... well not things, but place. It is the Royal Academy of which Ian is a Friend. Met up with him after his day school (morning only) and after a light lunch we saw just a few of 1000+ works of the Summer Exhibition. Didn't see anything I wanted to buy, most prices were out of our reach just as the sizes of the works would be in our suburban semi! There were a few I liked, my tastes are uncomplicated, I like interiors or street scenes that look realistic and also are calming. 
As I have worked in an art gallery quite often many modern works make me think of the Emperor's New Clothes. Good that everyone has a different viewpoint about art. We hope to return to see a few more of the works before the exhibition closes.

A few plans for the rest of the week ... BLF Breathe Easy group tomorrow, the last meeting for the development officer who is off to Oz, there has been no communication about the meeting. As I missed the last one, and development person has not responded to me, not sure what is happening. We shall see.
To tempt parishioners to come to the gardening party on Saturday vicar was promoting the joys of a new mower. It is a ride on one, now I've never driven one of these and have a mind to turn up and have a go. Will I need my driving licence? So different from our traditional push along hand one, bought second hand some 32 years ago for £5.00 and still going well.

A picture thought I am sharing ...

Photograph of one of the many and varied sunflowers in our front garden. Picture taken by Martha with her phone. Must take more pictures of these lovely flowers, some grown from last year's sunflowers. Those were from seeds given away at Hampton Court flower show.


  1. Thanks for your visit - and comment - on mine re the market bag. If you're on ravelry (and I see that you are from a previous post) just search for the Trellis Market Bag pattern. It's free.

    I had the same breakage on my 2.5 wooden needles. They were such sweet needles but didn't stand up to any stress at all. Mostly I use 2.75 as they create the best fit. And they're bamboo with almost 150 pairs of socks to their credit.

    I'm 'rowanberrystudio' on ravelry. Do come and visit - I'd love to see how your bag turns out.

  2. Lovely post. Very thoughtful/reflective.

    I have yet to knit socks. I love the colours of yours. I love bamboo needles. Thanks for visiting my Knit Purls blog and commenting. I'm Woolmaniac on Ravelry.

  3. I put The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks into my Book People basket for holiday reading, then took it out at the last minute. Maybe I'll get the Kindle version to read on my iPad instead.

  4. This reminds me of my gran who always knitted my grandpa's socks for him. I've never tried knitting socks. Maybe I will give it a try!