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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Home thoughts.

Just a few thoughts whilst I'm waiting for a loaf to rise as I decided to make bread rather than take one from the freezer. Bit naughty to make just one loaf, not efficient use of energy not sure I have the oomph to knead two loaves.

It has been a very unusual weekend for Ian left here at 7am yesterday to go to a Summer School at University of Sussex. Whole two days of maths related stuff. Can relate that he has enjoyed it, learnt a lot, thought about the next course too.

Meanwhile I'm home alone. Well yesterday not much alone as Martha didn't go out till gone 7pm last night so we did what we call Mummy-and-Martha things. Ordered a couple of friendship bracelets for us, I think of them as M & M bracelets from : . Do have a look at this site, some beautiful, unique designs, prices that say "treat someone or yourself" and the pleasure of helping a small business rather than a chain store.

Today on my own and enjoying it apart from one thing. I don't wish to go and sit out in our garden. Even though it is reasonably quiet, only one lot of builders working on a Sunday, I am terrified that we have another fox visit.

Woken by the security light early on Friday morning, again the light alerted me to a fox in the garden on late in the evening. It had come through where the fence had not been put back properly by next doors builders, it was panicking too when Ian went out and chased it with the mop. 

Ian has propped the fence up now but I was worried the fox would jump over so have leant the whirly line against the fence too.

This is where I'm worried a fox will jump over, they have no fear around here and stroll about in daylight too.

My fears were dismissed by some at church this morning, but I would not be relaxed outside. Shame, the weather is fantastic, but some how the time has sped by. I am reminded of the time before I met Ian when I lived alone in my maisonette, I could pass a whole weekend without speaking to anyone, it didn't and doesn't bother me, I am happy with my own thoughts. In today's world I can share them and share others thoughts so would not wish to be without internet access and my iPad2 however much it eats into time.

Now I need to go and tidy the kitchen, there is ironing to complete, newspapers and a book to read and knitting to do. Two more rows of heel flap to be done.

Oh, and The Archers in 10 minutes. Byeeee!

PS on Monday morning. 

Loaf I made yesterday had a flying top but the taste was unaffected - still good. Think there may have been too much dough for the tin size, next time will set some dough aside for a few rolls as each time I make this the bread rises to twice the height of the tin.

Broad stroke planning our lives well into next year on Ian's return from his Summer School for the course he plans for next year is double the work and the double the points.* I am insisting we have a couple of trips away at the end of this year's study and before next years commences.

Then during the year I may go out to play again on my own, North Wales beckons again.

* We all know points means prizes don't we?

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  1. The bread looks delicious ! Today my bread was a disaster ! I was in a hurry and used the bread machine and baked a wholemeal loaf on the shorter white bread programme. You can imagine the result. Could do with a new doorstop !