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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday matinee

SUNDAY, 7th August, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook: 7th August

Outside My Window ... Dark clouds, we have had some heavy downpours, much needed by the garden. Also, will wash away some of the dust from the building projects around here.
Yesterday evening we had double rainbows,

not very clear but views from the front of our house.

From the learning rooms ... Maths. What else? Ian has registered for M208 for next year, I said it sounded like a radio station not a study course.

I am thankful ... for friendship. On Thursday went to Hertfordshire to see friend, we used to share a house many years ago, have stayed friends. Took a toy for her dog, she chewed it to pieces in well under an hour. Haven't a picture of the destruction but here is the instigator.

From the kitchen ... Nothing much, lunch included home grown runner beans, stewed apples of which some were windfalls and garden blackberries.
I am wearing ... Cotton rich natural colour trousers, pink & white striped overshirt and my blue socks that I knitted. Also wearing friendship bracelet, one of the pair I bought Martha and myself from Go and look at the lovely jewellery.
I am creating ... well on with second pink sock, nearly at the toes as I knitted a lot on all the trains on Thursday, at the doctor's surgery and waiting in the chemist on Friday.

I am reading ... The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks. First time reading group has read a non fiction book, it is fascinating and so much better than the Twilight book.

I am hoping ... no more mozzie bites. The prayer and meditation group on Tuesday sat in a garden (the Vicar had double booked the church) and I came back with rather itchy legs. Should have gone to pharmacy earlier, left it till Friday so sent to doctors. By then swelling down a little, so just ointment but as usual brilliant liaison between practice nurse and GP to check my medications.

Around the house ... we have bought new lamps for the lounge, pictured below.

One of my favourite things ... probably said this before, but I appreciate my Freedom Pass so much, and the Senior Rail card. Anything better than driving on the M25, a chance to read, knit and people watch.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ... nothing special, although have emailed a couple of people to see about meeting up so Ian can study uninterrupted. Feel I must make the effort, otherwise I could be quite a recluse as happy with my own company. At least I escape the building noise if I go out. View belong taken from back bedroom window, our kitchen Dutch blind can be seen to give some perspective.

A Picture Thought I Am Sharing ... of the new lamps, seem to have lost the top of the lamp but the large picture is really too big. You can see the nearly completed sock on the cushion too.

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