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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Sauntering Saturday.

Well, it wasn't really sauntering, more determined striding out from Amersham to Chalfont St Giles by the pretty way, or steep way. A climb out of the town, across the fields, through the beech woods with ten others from the Church strollers group.

I did wonder if I would make the first part, lots of ventolin ensured I did, everyone was so patient waiting for me whilst I plodded upwards through stubble, mud and grass. Frightening at times as I knew my limbs were heavy which means not enough oxygen but managed to remember the breathing exercises, the steep part was about a quarter to one third of the first part of the walk then it was level. Lunch was taken at a pub, I think it was called Merlin's Cave, not quite sure. The parish church was next door, of course we had a peep at the church which was open, didn't look around as spoke to parishioner on duty. She had moved out from Isleworth where property prices too high for newly weds to Buckinghamshire. Today the position is reversed.

Our party split 7 - 4, some took the high road and were in Amersham afore us, the rest of us took the lower and level path still very interesting rather than returning the same way we had trod before. Picture shows those  who chose the flat route.

Did I mention that it was a rainwear on and rainwear off sort of day, some heavy showers, some warm sunshine? Plenty of ripe blackberries for Vitamin C, some of our party very clever at spotting bird life. One of my problems when walking is I'm so concentrating on the path or route ahead that I am unable to look around and take in the wider picture.

After we reached Amersham searched for a café for tea and cakes, eleven was a big party for the tiny establishments but we found The Crown Ian and I chose a cream tea with Earl Grey tea. Full marks from me cos no tea bags, proper leaves and strainers.

Ian drove both ways, going we were in convoy so I didn't need to help with navigating so started another hexipuff; coming back too tired to knit so think I will now go and complete the hexipuff. Would like to knit one a day. Ian has come downstairs after working at his maths studies so I will join him on the new sofa.

Here's a picture of progress so far:-

Haven't tried any fancy work or embroidery yet, am just making each one with different yarn to see how it works.

Oh, forgot to tell you folks, I wore my pink socks that I had knitted inside walking boots, socks were fine, no slipping down. As you can see, I have made a hexipuff in the same yarn.

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  1. Good for you going on that walk. It looked good fun, if not difficult.
    I sometimes feel the same. I have to look where I'm going and often miss the big picture and all the lovely scenery.
    Those stuffed hexagon puffs look intriguing.If you are going to make a large bedspread.... would they be too heavy? Washing and all that?
    Thank you for Following me.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May