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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Good news

Well, Mount Ironmore calls but first I must give some good news to all readers of my ramblings and announce that daughter Martha has been successful in her search for a position as a Newly Qualified Solicitor. Her CV had been despatched to all parts of the legal universe. On Tuesday last week she spotted an advert, contacted agency, sent CV, invited to an interview on Monday (three other candidates were interviewed on Friday) and yesterday was offered and accepted the position.

This was the first position for which she applied and her first interview in an area where all the signs show few vacant positions.

Sufficient to say she will be in Sussex-by-the-Sea so moving out of the family nest and go with our blessings to a new part of this land. Many thanks to all my contacts who have offered leads, contacts, advice and help.

Also this week son and his wife move to their new home in Aylesbury, so pleased for them too.

Now a big mystery. Why is the hexipuff I am knitting going so wrong? I have undone it so many times, it is the 14th not as I initially thought the 13th. I have used the yarn before, it is Jaeger woolsilk so easy to use for it doesn't split. Will keep going, because I like a challenge.

Just a quick couple of pictures to show the nests we uncovered when we had a big pruning session in the garden. Plans are underway to keep garden low maintenance as Ian will be studying even more next year. Today he has paid for M208, next year's 60 point course that sounds like a radio station with the Infra-draw method. Keynsham Maths anyone?

Back soon, nearly time for The Archers.

PS: as of Wednesday evening I sat quietly and have finished the errant hexipuff. Then on the principle of getting back on a bike/in the water/on the horse I started another puff and had reached the magic 40 stitches at the end of the 10pm news bulletin. So, one knit row and then it is decreasing and downhill.

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  1. I imagine those birds thought they were well out of the way. I'm certain they've never heard of pruning.

    Congratulations to your daughter. That's a huge relief for her, I'm sure.