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Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Not the best of days as I went on line to transfer money to some one else's account and discovered my account was overdrawn. Real shock to discover that money had been taken out, using the right number on my debit card. Phone calls to bank, who were really helpful; card cancelled; all passwords and codes changed; advice given that a credit card should be used for online transactions not a debit card; police called to obtain a crime number. Felt so shaky, scared and worried, great way to kill my appetite for lunch.

Plans were changed and I went to local branch to ensure account okay, glad to report money replaced by bank. Thanks to all at LloydsTSB for the kindness and help they gave this worried customer.

Ian wisely suggested we didn't go home but go to Richmond. This lined up with trains so within 10 minutes we were in Richmond. We intended to go along the tow path but couldn't, the following pictures show why.

The road to the left is called Water Lane, for good reason.

The bridge in the background was opened in 1777, it has been widened since then but is basically the same design.

The driver was determined to go through the water to the dry area beyond, and did so.

This view is looking in the other direction from the other pictures, to the right is the White Cross, not quite cut off, but it was not possible to walk along the tow path beyond the pub and towards Kew.

To forget this morning's banking incident we went and had chocolate and coffee at William Curley's chocolatier,  really good sitting outside, people watching and feeling that we were abroad. Not difficult hearing all the different languages and accents as people sauntered by. We are so fortunate to live in this part of London.


  1. What a shock, good that the bank dealt with it sympathetically and efficiently. My blogfriend Blue Witch warned some time ago of the dangers of using a debit card online - also adding that, since the money is taken out of your account, if the bank is less than helpful you can end up in Queer Street while it's being sorted out. At least, when it's a credit card, the account is frozen for the duration and you don't physically lose the money.

    I love how cosmopolitan London is too.

  2. Pixie,
    e-mail your photos to and I'll show them on RuT. I'm reluctant to "open" the site to you but I'm ready to show the photos you mention as a "one off" and point everyone to your site.