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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Girls at the Palace

Just a quick word to tell you briefly about yesterday's Mummy-and-Martha day when we went to see The Wedding Dress, shoes, cake, earrings and bouquet at Buckingham Palace.

The comment most heard was how tiny waisted the dress was, wow, so slim. The workmanship, as has been written everywhere was superb but I am sure the train, which had canvas to weight it, must have been very heavy.

Very interesting video about how dress and shoes were made and designed.

Another new exhibition showed the Royal Family's collection of Fabergé - many of them gifts over the last century, some beautiful flowers and colours on the work.

Each time I have visited the Palace there have been different things to see, each time one is never hassled or hurried along, there is plenty of time to stand and stare. When I see Vermeer's The music lesson it brings back memories of my mother, she liked this work, I bought her a reproduction, she said always she would like to see the original. We didn't know where it was, the Palace wasn't open to the public in her lifetime so she never saw it. When she and my father had tickets to view the Queen's marriage they were just for inside the palace railings, not sure whether they went inside. My father's parents did, but then my grandfather worked for the Royal Household.

After tea and cakes, Martha and I walked through the gardens, saw a heron, onlookers were not sure whether it was real at first for it was so still but it did move. My photos do not do it justice.

Difficult to see that heron is on the water,

It had been a most beautiful day regarding weather, yet when we were coming home there must have been a cloudburst over Hammersmith, so noisy one could hear the rain on the roof of the train, outside the window it was very black too.

To close, Martha used my camera to take a picture of us in the gardens, you can see I'm dressed for Summer in Talbot dress in black and cream spotty silk dress. Just so you know!

Just saying, managed to knit nearly a whole hexipuff on the trains, no reactions from any fellow passengers but now have completed 28 hexis for the heirloom quilt.

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