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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Socks finished

Just in case you don't knit or crochet and thus do not peruse Ravelry I thought you  may like to see pictures of my second pair of socks I have knitted.

Although I am making a cardigan/jacket for myself from yarn and pattern received at Christmas from cousin, the socks have been my mobile knitting, the sort one does on the train or bus. As I use Magic Loop system it means no long needles so it is very portable. So now have to decide what my portable project is to be whilst knitting jacket at home when I can concentrate on a very complicated pattern.

Anyway, here are the socks, have worn them last evening when the temperature dropped.

Think this colour has come out a bit dark and bit more orange than the yarn, but so what. They are on my feet, they fit and are comfortable.

Two views of socks on cushion on another Lloyd loom chair, seem to photograph my knitting on these chairs all the time.

That's all folks, just pleased with myself.


  1. And you should be! That color is so warm and bright - winter won't be so gray.

    Funny how we all have our favorite 'photo shoot' locations.

  2. Lovely socks. Really must try the Magic Loop system. Still use 4 or 5 sock needles

  3. They are great, well done. My daughter loves knitting lacy shawls and scarves in complicated patterns, but doesn't reckon she's up to making things that fit. I don't find knitting at all relaxing, constantly lose count and have to count the stitches, and the scarf and hat I knitted two or three years ago may well be the last items I ever knit.

  4. Super socks! I just love knitting socks with the Magic Loop method and always have a pair on the go.