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Friday, 22 July 2011


Hello folks,

Just a quick pop in here to say that the change of font is so the blog is easier to read, thought however pretty the previous type face was it didn't make giving links easy.

So what else has been happening. At doctor's yesterday, given an appointment for that morning with choice of doctor too. Fortunately chose to see doctor who specializes in lung problems, as usual at practice treated so well and have come away with steroids and antibiotics. After reading the possible side effects of the steroids I can be as loopy and spaced out as I like whilst blaming it on the drugs. Instructions didn't say no red wine so able to enjoy the same with a lovely Spanish style meal yesterday organised by daughter. Without going downstairs to check the feast included some lovely cheese, walnuts, a kind of quince jelly, lots of different meats too.

It was a productive day for knitting. As I'm not infectious (did check with doctor), went off to knitting group at Mrs Moon where ribbing for second sock completed and now working my way down to the heel. Much knitting was achieved at Home Group in the evening too.

Met a member of Home Group on way to collect paper this morning, we were comparing our life styles. This couple have very set routines, Thursday big weekly grocery shop, Tuesday meet friends for coffee and maybe a visit somewhere, then two days spent as volunteers at a charity.

We are so different, there is no pattern to our week really, apart from Sundays. Even that has changed as Ian has OU courses for three Sundays this month. We never shop regularly, it is a case of shopping when we need stuff, mainly at Waitrose but sometime very big Sainsbury's trying to avoid the crowds at weekends.
At  local studies I turn up on different days too, as this week I have given a couple of talks about Breathe Easy at Pulmonary rehab courses so haven't yet been to library. If the weather is good we may consider a trip out very much at the last minute, say a train trip to the coast, weather and Ian's studies have precluded this recently.

Now, will sign off, last of the washing to be pegged out. Yes, I know it it not Monday (a wet day this week) but there you go! All part of my philosophy of seizing the day, living in the present, going with the flow and trying to relax. Those who know me of old will appreciate how difficult that is for me.


  1. Oh, a lot easier for my old eyes to read, Pixie Mum. Thanks :-) Glad you're getting treatment and hope it works quickly.

    Your unstructured week sounds like the story of my life now I'm retired and very liberating it is too. I do have some regular slots, such as my Monday afternoon craft group meetings, but otherwise we hang very loose to routine nowadays. Much more fun....

  2. Glad you are getting treatment. Virtual hugs. I started meds for Graves Disease so my blogging hasn't been as fevered as it once was, but today I am catching up on followers.
    Yes the font is very readable. I always got for trebuchet or helvetica too.