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Friday, 24 June 2011

Practice run

This is a trial run posting a quick blog using my iPad instead of laptop. truth is I have loads of other things to do, like clearing up after making big bowl of potato salad and a pineapple fruit cake.

Reason for all this activity is a class mate has flown in from Sydney and had asked me to get together as many old girls from our school as possible. We are meeting tomorrow at the pub/Premier Inn very near where we live so I have said we could drift back to our house. As I'm not used to entertaining Ian and I hit Waitrose this morning and bought in stuff that would be fine what ever happened, like quiches, salad ingredients, cheeses wine, etc.

So want Pixie Towers to look tidy and be welcoming, without appearing too fussy either.

Now in the unlikely event that any Kneller girls are reading this and were at the school in the early to mid sixties please contact me.

Good news on the health front, visited Brompton hospital on Monday and Respiratory clinic at Teddington today and both were okay. Of course I struggled with the lung function test, so difficult to try and breathe out when it feels as if there is no breathe left in one's lungs.

Had considered trying to download a picture for you all but not sure how and the ironing beckons. Ian has returned from choir practice to finish tidying the kitchen so I feel I should finish chatting to my friend.

Will tell you about visit to London Metropolitan Archive, our trip to Canterbury and good sock progress another time.

Have a good weekend folks.

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