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Saturday, 18 June 2011

At last!

Great excitement! This morning the two sofas arrived. 

Involved much preparation as they would not fit in the front door - fortunately the guys who delivered the temporary sofa had warned us about this so dear Ian had taken the side gate off its hinges and we had moved all the pots and containers on the patio back against the house and the side fences so there was uninterrupted access to the French windows.

Am still annoyed with the shop from which we ordered the furniture. Two reasons, they did not ask about access, they know what type of house in which we live but many of the houses have extended out to the side so much that they no longer have side access to the property. Also, when we chased them up for the order, the owner seemed to think it was amusing and didn't take our concerns seriously. It appears that he made no effort to find out why our order took so long. According to the delivery guys who do the warehousing for the shop they'd not known such delays.

Anyway, I've photographed the room from different angles and am encouraged by how the seats look in the pictures. So different from before, was worried that they would overwhelm the room but we have less furniture now but more seating. 

Daughter came home, was rushing out again and never noticed new furniture. Admittedly the glazed doors were closed but the sofas can be seen through the glass, it's not obscure.

Bit late now, I tried to post Simple Daybook earlier in the week but Blogger was playing up and much of what I said, what I was wearing and doing has gone. Will try to keep in future but a busy week ahead. 

Just in case you are wondering, photos not taken with iPad, although daughter's boyfriend has shown me how to take photos with it. Also, am writing this on my laptop so easy to upload from my camera.

Good night all, PixieMum


  1. Sofas look comfortable and welcoming. Worth the wait and problems !

  2. Looks really good, glad you're pleased. One never quite knows until it's seen in situ!

  3. Lovely sofas. They look really comfy. I always worry whether furniture will fit through my front door being as I have no other access, but so far I've been lucky.

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