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Monday, 2 May 2011


MONDAY, MAY 02, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook: 2nd May 2011

Outside my window ... sunshine and a very cold wind, great for drying washing.  I am very old fashioned and wash on Mondays. Just works with the logistics of this household.
I am thinking ... about what I'm going to say next Sunday about Breathe Easy. This charity has been chosen as local charity of the month at church, yesterday I gave a brief run down how charity started. Stood at the back of church holding collecting basket as congregation left and was pleasantly surprised how much money was given. As we had to rush away I don't know amount. I think I will talk about the benefits of the meetings, how it led me to attend pulmonary Rehabilitation course.

From the kitchen ... lovely sticky buns that Ian made using fresh yeast from the Polish grocery shop. All the packaging was in Polish but it didn't matter, the result was great.
I am wearing ... striped black & cream Boden top, cream M&S trousers and as it is chilly have added grey mohair/wool cardigan. Feet are cold so need to add socks.

I am creating ...  still working on first sock, I'd started the kitchener grafting but not happy with the evenness of the toe decreasing I undid it all whilst on journey to Solihull yesterday.
We went to celebrate the forthcoming birthday of our friend C. His wife was another Mum in the coffee circle whereby 5 mums took it in turn to meet at each others houses some 30 years ago. No Starbucks for us. We all admitted to a massive tidy up when it was our turn plus we all worried that our children would be difficult and not 'share nicely'.  The Solihull family moved north some 25 years ago and kept their tradition of annual BBQ every year. So 4 families hit the M40 for many years, latterly the kids weren't involved but they remain friends to a greater or lesser degree.
I miss the chats with the other Mums, Loose Women had nothing on us. 
I am going ... to a celebration to mark the completion of the first part of the Building our Borough project whereby the planning applications from 1880s have been digitalised. Volunteers are being sought to assist with other projects, I've said I will be happy to assist with new projects. 
Not sure whether the Prayer & Meditation group are meeting tomorrow, an hour of calmness with no fuss about liturgy or jangly bells. The minister who started this leaves next Sunday, a great loss to the parish.
I am reading ... Trying to finish Eat, pray, love in time for book group next Monday.

I am hoping ... that aches and pains and tiredness go, think it could have been stress of yesterday, public speaking is not my forte even with a prepared script amongst those I know and then the worry we'd be late for the party. Also bit concerned at first whether the car was running ok, it seemed a bit jumpy but improved. think it needed a long run.
We'd been invited to a party today in East Anglia, considered going from Solihull to there but decided it would be too much. We were right, plus Ian is concerned about his OU studying, this year requires more time from him as all the work is new. Would have been good to meet Internet friends in real life.

I am hearing ... a blackbird even though the windows are closed. They seem to thrive on the food the little birds drop rather than eat from the feeders.

Around the house ...  quiet, daughter is out, there seems no traffic, just the occasional plane.

One of my favourite things ... not really a thing, but I'm proud of being English and a Londoner. Very patriotic feelings whilst watching the Royal Wedding. Enjoyed the service, felt the papers didn't give much mention to Richard Chartres' sermon. Am impressed by him, have been at a Deanery meeting he attended and felt he was in touch with the ordinary worshipper.

A picture thought I am sharing ...  sorry, took camera to the party and never got it out of my bag!
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  1. I started reading Eat, Pray, Love, having had it recommended by an American friend, but I found the writer so irritating that I didn't care enough to get even half way through. I'd be interested to know if it was worth having another go!