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Sunday, 29 May 2011


Well folks,

Am enjoying new toy and spent much time playing with it yesterday, helped by Adam & Juliet who came to see us. Adam said he never expected to be envious of his Mum in the world of computers. It was not until Friday morning that Martha read my testing 123 email "sent from my iPad" so much screaming and excitement from her. She'd not noticed I'd been using my laptop in the kitchen without cable emerging from broom cupboard.

Today we had problems with the Internet, we've had to switch from cable to wifi and the three lights wouldn't work. Tried all the tricks, switching off and on, shaking the device before asking Ian if it would help if modem would be better in a different place. By this stage I'd reached the state of if all else fails read the instructions. Ian  then unwound a very long cable which is draped around the study; for some reason the one blue and two green lights have come and stayed on. As Ian says, the Internet is now another utility in running our lives. So I'm back here but have no pictures cos I haven't taken any.

We went on a Strollers walk on Friday which should have created plenty of Kodak Corner opportunities but I didn't remember to take camera out of my bag. For those who know the walk, it was from Marble Hill Park along the Middlesex bank to Richmond Bridge then back along the Surrey bank past Ham House to Teddington Lock. From there we walked through Ham Fields to the Common where group ate packed lunch near the pond.

We repaired to the New Inn, coffee for me, orange juice for Ian, don't know what the others drank. Discussion was about our first cars, not sure why such a subject caused so much laughter and amusement. It was one of those "you had to be there to appreciate the jokes" moment.

I left the 5 guys at this point, my legs felt heavy, a sign I'm running out of oxygen and some of Richmond Park is not flat. Instead bus to Richmond and train home. Made bread, used dried yeast and first lot didn't froth up but bread made by second try was fine. Need to use up the tin, Ian tends to use the quick yeast but I like the traditional method and twice proving.

Off now to finish off second sock, am so pleased as have reached the toe decrease and have just about 5 or 6 rounds before tackling the Kitchener stitch again. Promise I'll take pictures of socks for here and for Ravelry too.

Sorry about lack of pictures, recommend you Google Earth the places mentioned, or better still come and see them. It's the beauty of places on our doorstep that means we don't need to go away on holiday.

A little PS. The Strollers is the informal walking group from our church, we have a weekday walk of about 6 miles about once a month.  Ian was the youngest walker on Friday, the walks are not too strenuous, promote fellowship, I suspect we all benefit from the exercise, fresh air and beautiful surroundings.


  1. Hello:
    The wonders of modern technology....when it works, it is just wonderful, when it does not....well, we find screaming at least makes one feel better.

    Your walk sounds lovely but far too energetic for us. We should have been far happier on the bus. But, your walking group sound a very lively bunch and that does make all the difference when one is struggling to complete the last few yards.

  2. When I go to Norwich, which is not often, the iPad is never in stock. I want to buy it from the shop rather than order it, because I want the local store to get the sale. But at least the very helpful salesman has now suggested I phone first and, if they have the one I want, they will save it for me. I'm still being patient!