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Sunday, 22 May 2011

New toy

Just a brief message to tell you all about  the lovely pressie my darling Ian bought me yesterday.

As you may know this has been in the air for a while, I'd mentioned that here but yesterday the decision was made. We'd been up and out early as I was collecting for Christian Aid from 9 a.m. in the local High Street. I did think I'd agreed to collect for two hours but some one took over before the hour was up. Certainly quiet, didn't collect very much and no one mentioned envelopes that had been put through doors.

Home, and sparked by Telegraph guide, Ian phoned John Lewis and reserved one. So to Kingston in little car to pick up my new toy. We are hard wired so will change to wifi, more discussions about i-Pod size, it's 16GB and then chose blue cover.

After lunch to Virgin Media to sort out account and replace our modem, well after 9 plus years think it is time. Many phone calls and peering at shop screen, also we switched to e-billing, not sure why we didn't do that before.

Once home it was time to play, will be easier once we have wifi but photos were transferred. That made me think what I really needed to keep so deleted loads of pictures from laptop and Ian helped me to sync so these were deleted from i-Pad. Need to sort lap top photos and to  put some in separate folders so they don't transfer to i-Pad.   Steep learning curve, we downloaded the free books app but it didn't seem to work. Ian has an i-Pod so he's more familiar with it but he wasn't sure either.

So, looking forward to organising my life, keeping in touch and am off to finish picking up stitches for instep on the second sock.

Will be linking to Ravelry so I can check the yarn I'm stashing against patterns.  Ooh, so exciting learning a new skill.


  1. Hello:
    What excitement! But does your new all singing all dancing toy not knit socks as well?!!

  2. How lovely. I have deferred gratification about long enough, I really must treat myself! It's our wedding anniversary this week, perhaps that'll be the opportunity.