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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Must record all the events of today, Tuesday 3rd May.

So much has happened on what we thought would be an ordinary day.

Started by attending Prayer and Medication group at church, the assistant priest who started this is off to another parish, am very sorry she's going. Felt very calm after service and in a good mood.

Back home, met postie and first letter was from tax authorities who claimed I'd not paid surcharge so billed me for more interest. Their letter dated 4 days before I received last one. Very upset, I thought everything had been settled.Half an hour on phone waiting , then a few minutes talking to Glenys sorted it out. Well I hope so.

Then loads of phone calls. Two separate ones telling us we'd won a prize in the raffle at the St George's Day parade. This was held in our local Whitton High Street, closed for the day last Saturday,  lots of charity stalls and noisy amplified music but fun, good community feel. First prize was an Indian head massage, second prize which we've collected is a cordless steam iron. No brand on it nor on the instructions. Sounds as if I'm ungrateful, I'm not, just bemused. The charity shop from which the prizes were to be collected couldn't find the envelope with the voucher for the massage so will try another time.

Fair dos, we were turning out waste bins to find the raffle tickets only to discover them screwed up in the bottom of my capacious Radley bag. I lose so much stuff in its depths.

Another call from son who wants to leave their car here and for us to take them to Gatwick and collect them after a long weekend in Italy for a wedding. Second wedding they've been to in Italy.

So we set of for Kingston to buy shirt and tie for dear Ian. Oh, the driving standards!  Horrendous, we suspect it was a Mum trying to find a parking space but there were none. Did she think the car would concertina into the space? Then another driver doing a million point turn in a narrow busy road; another driver shooting out of a side turning assuming we'd make a space. Did I mention the wobbly cyclist?

Anyway, things calmed down in town, we found a space in John Lewis' easily but for once didn't buy in there. Spent time at beginning and end of shop looking at i-Pads for me. Didn't have to decide today cos JL had none in stock. They rarely do apparently. We will need to go from hard wired to wifi, I'd want to use the opportunity to say bye bye to our big giant desk top and tower thing too.

Anyway good shopping in M& S, shirt, tie, two pairs of trousers for me. Feel sad I need a 14, enough said. Found a top in Gap too so all was good.

Drive home was safer but a bit of a crawl cos it was rush hour. We celebrated with a sweet of profiteroles. Thirty two years ago this was our pudding of choice at the Italian restaurant in Victoria Street. Memories.

Now for investigations about i-Pads, do I really need one? Any guidance, comments from all out there would be appreciated. Am used to my Toshiba lap top, but an i-Pad would fit in my big black Radley handbag, along with the knitting, inhalers, etc.


  1. If there is an Apple store anywhere near you, I'd suggest you go in and try one out. There are loads on display, the assistants are really helpful and enthusiastic without being pushy and you can have as long as you like to try it out and practise using it. Whether you really need one, it depends what you're hoping to use it for. I'm getting one (when they're in stock!) and am looking forward to it, but I know I'll love it because I've had an iPhone for a year and a half.

  2. There's an Apple store in the Bentalls centre in Kingston but by the second viewing in John Lewis I was tiring. Also, we'd done food shopping so needed to get that into the fridge.

    Kingston isn't far by mileage but by driving time it can be at least half an hour, more in rush hour which is what it was.