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Friday, 7 January 2011


FriDAY, JANUARY 07, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook:  7th January 2011

Where do I start after so long? Will use this, yes I know it is the wrong day but it's the scaffolding on which to hang thoughts of the season.
Outside My Window ...Rain. Heavy, steady rain. So heavy that neither Ian nor I fancied walking in it to collect the newspaper so we hopped into little car and I drove, Ian went to shop whereby I went down the High Street, round the roundabout and back up and Ian jumped in. Felt bad at not being green, not having the much needed exercise to open lungs but neither of us feel well yet.

I am thinking ...about the respiratory rehabilitation course I'm taking and how I felt better after the exercises. Only challenge of the 12 was the cycling, after 3 minutes legs felt like dead weights. Really want to succeed and find a suitable class afterwards to ensure I'm as fit as possible, even if my lungs will never get any better I don't want them to be worse.

From the learning rooms ...Ian is officially now taking OU M221. He will learn who is his new tutor and about tutorial details in about 10 days. He is excited, earnest and keen. Second hand maths books have been arriving from the South American River.

I am thankful ... for the out of hours doctor service, Harmony, that sent a doctor on Bank Holiday Monday. Both Ian and I freaked out when we were told to call an ambulance if doctor not with us within 2 hours. Was given steroids, antibiotics and codeine to counteract chest and throat infection and the pain in my ribs. It hurt just to breathe, I couldn't get up, didn't want to eat either. Don't seem to have lost weight though, not enough exercise.

From the kitchen ...Ian has gone to prepare lunch, take more medication, cough linctus or paras.

I am wearing ...Long black Next skirt, stripy Thomas Pink shirt with my father's onyx cufflinks and pale pink cashmere Uniqlo jumper.

I am creating ... a cushion cover.

View of cushion cover. Pattern is from Martha's book, Purls of Wisdom but I'm not doing cable part of pattern, just, as they suggest the simpler moss stitch. (knit 2, purl 2)

Another view. When cover is knitted I will proudly sew in one of my labels that Martha gave me for Christmas.  Label says "Made by Madeleine" and "Swann enterprises" which is what we have said we would call a business if we started one. Am so delighted with these labels have sewn them on to everything I've completed since August. It was lovely to put them on the hat and scarf I made Martha for Christmas, especially as she was pleased with them.

Pink and very dark grey to match her coat, made in Rowan Big Wool. Scarf just garter stitch, two rows in each colour.

I am going ... well have been to the doctor about a recurring problem. Feel very encouraged at his diagnosis, support and understanding. I do feel that physical health is just so tied out with our general well being, that stress, worry, fear causes our physical ailments. On a serious note, it is good to know that I'm not suffering allergic reactions to food. Will look forward to strawberries in the summer now! 

I am reading ...Diary of a nobody. Well, I should be, the book group meets on Monday next.

I am hoping ... to have energy back. there is so much I wish to do and see. Am beginning to get cabin fever.

Around the house ...looks lovely and tidy, all Christmas tree and decorations removed, Ian vacuumed everywhere today and we are endeavouring to be tidier.  All ironing completed yesterday at last. This is why the blog wasn't started, ironing took priority.

One of my favourite things ... completing the crossword. That's why we like to have newspaper first thing, but the newsagent has gone out of business, health and recession so  prepaid papers not delivered and we are learning to collect them ourselves. Hasn't helped we've both felt so unwell, thus taking time to get going in the mornings.

A few plans for the rest of the week ...Sunday will be an emotional day, for it would have been my father's 98th birthday; it is the 16th anniversary of my mother's death; the 28th anniversary of Martha's baptism and 13th anniversary of moving into this house. By sheer chance Ian and I are reading the lessons at church on Sunday. Feel this was meant. Haven't been to church since Christmas Day and I have missed it so much.
Monday will be busy; reading group lunch; pulmonary rehab session and then Local History Society new year social in the evening. Have missed last two meetings so must go to this.

Well off to read Grossmith, Ian at choir practice, will post more of my thoughts more frequently.

I realise I haven't touched on The Archers, will do so at a later date. Promise.

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  1. Chest infections are horrible. I'm glad you are on the mend.