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Sunday, 9 January 2011

January ninth

Just a brief item on how we marked this day of anniversaries.

Started off at church, lots of panic for Ian who is learning to organise the  Eucharistic ministers as some didn't turn up or notify their absence. Well, there is a lot of illness about. All was well though. Thought about my Mum when her name read out in Years Mind. Also, daughter's baptism 28 years ago, especially as today had a baptism theme of course.

Would have been my Dad's 98th birthday, 32 years ago today Ian met my parents for the first time; 13 years ago we moved into this house on a very warm day, apart from Mum's death and Martha's baptism  on her grandfather's 70th birthday.

Our readings went well although Aristocratic Lady with Hearing Problems said that Ian has too quiet a voice and that it would help if I projected my voice more too.

After church we drove to Richmond and had lunch at Caffe Mamma in Kew Road, so friendly there. Again it was obvious many are sick or have been as the restaurant has had many cancellations. Including ours but they were understanding.

Much debate after meal as to a destination but settled for Kew Gardens so parked nearer. Inside just walked to the Palm House and went into hot steamy jungle, learnt about useful plants, climbed the windy staircase (after a whoosh of ventolin) and admired the Victorian building and of course the bamboos. Ian likes bamboo thus we have a lovely black bamboo in back garden.

 Ian taking the picture of me that is at the end of this sequence.

View from the top of the Palm House

This is the right way round, looking along the 'roof' of the Palm House.

Last picture taken by Ian with his Blackberry, shows me wearing my pink beret knitted in Rowan alpaca and cotton. Matches jumper, in fact was made with left over yarn.

Back home, two mugs of tea each, Sunday papers then update here. Now time to eat and The Archers.



  1. Am catching up with my blog reading, and it appears that you are getting over being sick? Just wanted to send some get well wishes from across the pond. I hope you are feeling better!

  2. I haven't been to Kew for years - you have reminded me how lovely it is! And wasn't The Archers dramatic - poor old Nigel!