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Monday, 24 January 2011

Simple woman's Daybook: grey January

MONDAY, January 24, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook: 24th January

Outside My Window ... It's been damp cold today and grey. Please may we have some sunshine.
I am thinking ... that is was pleasing that M & C who live up the road felt they could ask us for help about their leaking pipe. Even better that Ian had the special tape to repair a slight leak. Good that people feel able to ask for our help.

From the learning rooms ... First batch of OU 221 Discovering mathematics has arrived for Ian.

From the kitchen ... not much happening, still think we should plan our menus more than a day ahead.

 I am wearing ...M & S black trousers, black and cream striped Boden top and Uniqlo charcoal grey cardigan

I am creating ... cushion cover, nearly finished, so pleased with evenness of work; have just to thread yarn through final 6 stitches of beanie hat and sew it up. All ready for ML meet.

I am going ... to try to attend weekday services for the Week of prayer for Christian unity. Twelve noon is a reasonable time, 9.15 seems rather early.

I am reading ...  We need to talk about Kevin. Umm, haven't looked at it again but have till near end of February so not panicking yet.

One of my favourite things ... trying a new recipe and it coming out well, indeed so well that one wants to repeat it. I made two loaves from a recipe for Sleepless White that was in Telegraph magazine over a week ago, just 1kg of flour, 20 grams of salt, 2.5 grams of dry yeast and 560 ml of water. Main thing was that the bread was left to prove for over 20 hours in our chilly utility room. Worst part was kneading for 10 -15 minutes what was initially very heavy dough to handle. However, it was delicious so worth while, another benefit was that Martha didn't have a reaction to it so really pleased about that.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week ...  Adam will be popping in to see us tomorrow, haven't seen him since Christmas so will be good to have a catch up, another Pulmonary Rehab session, home group on Thursday and a Strollers walk on Saturday.

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Pictures I Am Sharing of the bread...

Well, it was a first attempt! I'd made two loaves on Friday evening but they were usual mixed white and wholemeal, again I'd left them to prove longer so they were light as well. Am attempting to do bread making whilst Ian is at choir practice on a Friday night.

Guess that's all from the blog of a nobody as Carrie Pooter may have written.


  1. Hi!, i read We need To Talk About Kevin when I was off sick from work one day! I couldn't put it down! I read a lot of books and this one always sticks in my mind

  2. Bread looks good ! Would go nicely with the marmalade !

  3. We need to talk about Kevin was a good read. I can't say I enjoyed it because it was too chilling but it was interesting.