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Saturday, 15 January 2011


Just to tell you all about a good day.

St. Ian, pictured here in his choir robes is in our church choir and today the choir, and some of the congregation boarded a London Transport double decker omnibus and sailed down M3, M25 and A3 to Guildford Cathedral. Little diversion when driver was lost :(

Although we were there by 2pm the service was not until 5pm so I sat in the Refectory, enjoyed a pot of Earl Grey with lemon and had intended to read the papers. However was joined by other choir widows so knitted and chatted. Surprised how quickly the time went.

Sat in front row so could see Ian when I was standing up, thought the singing was beautiful although I was bit puzzled that the Lord's prayer was missed out completely, surprising because the service card said it was from BCP. Well, we didn't confess that we'd erred and strayed like lost sheep, I'm sure other prayers were omitted too.

We were back home just before 7, both tired, nothing unusual there.

Picture of the choir after the service.

On another happy note, the wall hanging has arrived safely from USA and it is so beautiful. Will be photographing it so you can see what a clever lady penfriend's Mum was.

Time to look at today's paper and maybe an early night.


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  1. Just stopping by from Barbara Blundell's blog to visit. Enjoyed the comment on marmalade.